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Welcome to Gongama.com

Gongama is Nigeria’s modern number one online shopping platform, where you can buy anything from electronics to books, home appliances, children’s products, men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion; cool gadgets, laptops, groceries, car parts, and more on the go. What else is there to say? You may get them shipped to you directly.


Gongama makes online shopping in Nigeria simple and convenient. We offer a wide variety of items that you can rely on with 100% Guarantee more affordable than any other.

You can shop online with confidence knowing that you’ll be able to pay with guaranteed simple-to-use payment methods that will enable you to make payments without stress.

You can now order a variety of genuine and 100 percent authentic items from top brands such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Michelin Tires, Scanfrost HP, P&G Intel, Xiaomi, local innovators and manufacturers, and more, all of which will be delivered directly from official distributors with complete warranties and returns available for up to 15 days.

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